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What Makes A Good Laundry Service?

There are always yardsticks to measure the quality of any work. For example, if you take cooking, someone is called a good cook if he or she can cook tasty food. However, this food has to be cooked in a hygienic way. The cook also should have knowledge about a number of dishes. There are other facts to consider too. Once all of these facts seem to be positive we call someone a good cook.

There are yardsticks to determine if a laundry service is good or not. The place you choose can be a Discovery Gardens laundry or any other laundry. Wherever that place is situated the following factors will decide whether it is a good laundry or not.

Quality of Work

As in any service, here too the first factor that we should take into consideration is the quality of work. If the clothes that you hand over to the cleaning place gets misplaced or come back not very cleaned or come back with extra stains and damages that place does not definitely have any quality work. A good service always provides you with clothes that are better in state when you get them back. Some services even mend your clothes if they are torn apart or missing buttons. That just shows how high quality their work is.


Efficiency is the second important fact about a laundry in Dubai. When you hand over the clothes you specify when you need the clothes cleaned. Sometimes, the place informs you when they can be finished. Whatever the procedure they should be able to give your clothes back to you on the day they promised. That is how we can measure efficiency in such a service. Not providing them at the right time just shows they are not that organized and do not care about deadlines. That is not a quality of a good service.

Care for the Work

The care the people at the place show for your clothes show the care they have for their work. If your clothes come in a better shape and in a neat manner that means they actually care about your clothes and that they care about what they do. However, if the clothes are not even washed or folded properly that tells you the people working at that place have no care for their work.

A good laundry service can be identified with the quality of the work, efficiency and the care the employees show for their work. All this is portrayed in the status of the clothes that are handed back to you.