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What Is The Difference Between IUI And IVF?

Trying to get pregnant but to no avail? Too much non understandable information flying past you that you cannot grasp? We are going with two very common infertility treatments, what they mean and their differences. This list will help you decide which treatment you should consider and go ahead with.

What is an IVF?

This is the treatment is where the egg is retrieved from the female and place in an incubator. Which will then be mixed with a viable sperm sample either through direct injection of the sperm or simple mixing in a special chamber. After which it will be left in the incubator to develop in to a healthy embryo which will be inserted back into the uterine cavity for the embryo to develop into a little baby. There may be left over “healthy” embryo’s that may be frozen for future use.

What is an IUI?

An IUI treatment is where a motile sperm is injected directly into the mature egg of a woman. Firstly a sample of the sperm is collected and cleaned for healthy sperm with a greater viability. This healthy sperm is then inserted into the womb through various insertion methods mainly injectors. Here the sperm is deposited directly above the eggs and hope for nature to take its course in fertilizing the eggs. The best time to get an IUI done is just before a woman’s periods or right after when the eggs tend to be very fertile. IUI in Dubai is known to become a very successful IUI hub in the world.

What are the distinct differences?

There are many distinct differences between an IVF Pregnancy and an IUI pregnancy. IVF is time consuming but with a higher success rate whist IUI is quick and easy but with a success rate of only 5% to 20%. This can be painful but IUI is not at all painful. Unfortunately, IUI has reported more cases of side effects than IVF. IVF is basically is aimed at resolving infertility in women whilst IUI is aimed at resolving infertility in men. Even though it is not a set rule.

Which one should I Choose?

The method you choose largely depends on you and your partner. Discuss which method is more comfortable to you both. And check your financial ability. If it is out of your budget either wait until you collect more financial backup or try to apply for a personal loan. You never know how much medical attention you would require until the end of the procedure.

The lady especially should be mentally and physically fit to go through any of the procedures. Especially the IVF treatment. Because it can be quite a bit painful.’

Research the success rate of both treatments based on attributes related to yourself and your partner. It is important to know whether you can expect a successful pregnancy at the end of the treatments.
Lastly, but most importantly have you considered all other options before going ahead with these treatments? Did you give yourself enough time? Did you try all the natural and simpler procedures and medical measures? Have you given thought to adopting?

Make sure to weigh the pros and cons before choosing any of the two methods. Because both methods are costly and can be your last resort!