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Tips For Keeping The Place You Rent Spiffy And Spotless

When you are renting out a place then you are obliged to keep the place properly organized and tidy or you will have a chunk (or the whole) of your security deposit disappear before your eyes. But if you live in a small space, cluttering is one of the major problems that come up and that you cannot see a solution for. Making sure that the whole place is organized and stays that way after you have gone through the trouble of wiping every surface and tidying every cupboard can be hard. So here are some tips for your next spring tidying time.

Tackling the bathroom

The most disgusting place to wash (after pipes and plumbs) in consensus is the bathroom. You get all sorts of dirt and other unmentionables stacked and packed in small areas in the bathroom. When you are washing the shower door, grab some undiluted vinegar and then wipe the door down with a hard brush.

Use white vinegar and put a cup on your toilet bowl and let it sit for a night before using your toilet scrubber and giving a good washing the next day. You can even use fizzy denture tablets for making the toilet bowl clean again as well. These items are great for washing items in your house on a general basis. For the showerhead clogs you will need to use white vinegar again. It will be good if you can take off the showerhead as you can put it in a bowl with the vinegar. Otherwise you will have to fill a plastic bag with the vinegar and tie it to the showerhead. When you get a proper professional building cleaning service to work on your house get them to scrub down the walls and the floors.

The cooking area trouble

for getting rid of the grease stacked and caked with layers on your stove, pour vinegar on top and then sprinkle some baking soda. You will get to see some cool chemistry happening when you do this. Once the reaction is done, take a wet sponge soaked with some sanitizer and then wipe the stove down. You will need to make sure that the garbage disposer is run with some ice cubes to sharpen the blade and remove the grease on it. Using citrus peels on the grinder does the deodorizing for the grinder.

If you live in a high rise building then it is considered a good idea to get pros to get the window glass cleaning done in the areas the balcony does not reach.

Make sure to keep a handmade all-purpose cleaner made with baking soda and some white vinegar in the house so you can get rid of stains as they happen. Incorporate the habit of pick up after yourself as you do something and get you kids to make sure that they learn this vital skill as well.