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Start Your Own Event Planning Company

Event management has become a booming industry now and it has a promising future. Many, find it more convenient to outsource the planning as it saves them both time and money.. Hence, it is a good place to start your business, especially if you have good people skills and negotiating skills.
However, you can’t simply put up a boutique agency Dubai overnight. Success takes years of hard work and experience. Do not expect a huge profit from your first project. Initially your focus should be to gather as much knowledge as possible at reasonable charges.
Look for learning opportunities
You may not have to look far from where you are right now to gain experience. For an instance, if you are already in a catering company or in the entertainment sector, you can try to observe what goes on during an event. Try to see what people look for and notice the details you must give attention when planning your own event.
Start small
If you are a small time event planner it might make more sense to work from home rather than investing in a large office space. Of course, you will need a dedicated space even if it is just a table in tiny room. This will allow you to have your stuff organised. But, as your business grows this will not suffice. You will have to have a dedicated office where your employees can work comfortably. Having a clean dedicated space for your work also gives those who visit you a good impression of the level of service they can expect.
Try not to bite off more than you can chew. Understand you potential and push yourself a little harder, but not to the extent you won’t be able to keep your end of the deal. Remember that a bad first impression of a start-up company can be enough to kill it.
Don’t give too many discounts
Research suggests that novices tend to underestimate their budget and end up doing events at a loss. Only flourishing event management companies in UAE can afford to give discounts for certain services. A beginner on the other hand should charge for services like making a project proposal. Don’t start off by measuring your services against the big names in the industry. You don’t have the same resources they have.
Be professional
Always handle yourself professionally. Pay close attention to your client’s requirements and do your best. It doesn’t matter how small you are if you can deliver what you promise. Have a dedicated communication system even if you can’t take calls at least hire a secretary – maybe a brother or sister!
When you start, think more of investing on experiences rather than profits alone. They will help you identify you niche and even if progress seems slow at the start be assured that your experience will guide you to success later.