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Reasons To Change The Appearance Of Your Home


Few modern houses retain their initial appearance beyond the first five years; they were not built to do so. After a while, a contractor might buy that land, knock down the house, and build a line of apartment buildings there. In fact, many people seem to give their houses a ‘makeover’ every few years. Ever wondered why? Here is a closer look on why people decide to change the appearance of their houses after a few years.

Update the Look

The primary reason is of course for appearance’s sake. Naturally, the style of a house becomes outdated. Instead of pulling down an entire house however, people choose to hire someone to simply change a few structures of the house enough so that it looks modern. This is especially true of houses that are more than 15 years old. While retaining the original foundation and walls (probably brick-built), contractors and designers come up with a new floor plan or room that will completely change the appearance of the house.

Update the Inside

You can easily hire interior design companies in Dubai these days to design whatever you want, however you want, to suit the inside of your house. The benefit of redoing the inside of the house as opposed to the outside is that you can change the ‘look’ completely with only a few minor changes. Change the material and colour of the curtains you have had and the entire house becomes a different place. Change the vases around and start using fresh flowers which you change once a week and the atmosphere changes again. Move the furniture around or buy something new; the place changes once more.

Selling the House

The way that mortgages work in many countries, the value of the house increases as functionality increases. This means that the owners owe less money to the financial institution responsible for the mortgage. One of the ways in which owners try to increase equity in the house is by renovating or revamping the house in order to sell it. They immediately discover that when interior fit out companies in Dubai arrive, most of their old furnishings are moved out and the company’s fittings are brought in. Some of it may be owned by the company while others have to be purchased.

Repair and Renovation

As houses get older, they genuinely require repairs and renovations. Wooden beams become less stable, walls may sink, metal fittings rust or peel while paint becomes chipped, not to mention leaks, creaks and holes all over the house. While a house requires regular maintenance, few people can actually offer to check a house every three months. Most people do a complete overhaul every few years. This is another popular reason why people will hire architects and interior decorators to change the overall appearance of the house.