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Planning Out An Outdoor Wedding

Wedding planning is not an easy task and mots event organizer shy away from it due to the pressure. It is so special because it is a day two souls are made one and pronounced to the entire world. It is not only a special day for the bride and groom but it is certainly a day of joy to their respective family and friends. There are different ways one could organize their wedding according to their own liking because it is going to be their big day. And among the many types of weddings are a few such as an outdoor wedding, a church wedding or a wedding in a hall.

An outdoor wedding is the latest trend now and a lot of people are opting for it because it gives such a beautiful experience. There are many venues one could choose from when it comes to an outdoor wedding and it all completely depends on the type of wedding one is looking for. For example if one loves nature then one could have an outdoor wedding at a beautiful garden and if one loves to have a rustic wedding then the country side could accommodate it. But if one wants to have an elegant modern outdoor wedding then the beach would be an ideal location.

Once the venue is planned one could focus on the food and decoration. Food is a crucial factor and it is also expensive unless one gets lucky and gets hold of a buffet deal. If one has to cater for a huge crowd then it is not practical to go for a buffet and it is better to have a fixed meal served on the table as it prevents overcrowding. But if it is a small crowd then a buffet is a classy way to serve a meal.

One could either tell the venue to provide for the food or one could customise and create one’s own menu but getting the food from outside. There are so many catering deals available and one could save up on a lot if you get the right catch. But always make sure to try a few caterers before making a choice because some might be cheaper than others.

Moving on the decoration is what gives a wedding its magical feeling. The decoration could have a standard theme to match the cake or the card. A lot of people used to use flowers as a means of decorating but now times have evolved and people are starting to opt for crystal glass and wooden antic pieces as a sort of decoration.