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How To Replace Missing Teeth?

Replacing a missing part of the human body is tough, although we have different sophisticated technologies. And the medical field is improving in a rapid phase. It is always a challenge to take a decision on the next steps when we lose teeth, though there are several options available.

When a tooth was removed and the space is left empty, then this can result in gaps and spaces between your teeth and can make chewing also difficult. In addition, the adjacent teeth may sometimes cause uneasiness and may form some sort of gum problems.

A few popular solutions to replace missing teeth

A reputed dental clinic Abu Dhabi will help you get several types of solutions. Dentures are false removable teeth and they hold them on a plastic. Bridges use the original teeth to support the false teeth and they are considered as a safe solution. If the above process cannot be done, dental implant is the only solution that can be used to replace missing teeth.

Dental Implant

In simple terms, the process replaces the root part of the missing tooth and is topped with a dental crown. This would function like a normal tooth and in case the crown needs to be replaced or removed, it can be removed and fixed. This procedure does not usually affect the adjacent teeth and perform likes a normal tooth. Availing the process through same day dental implants services will help you get faster solutions to your missing tooth.


This is usually preferred over dentures, as they do not have hooks that have to be removed on a regular basis in the night. Bridges usually require to reducing the adjacent teeth to be modified to match and there are chances that it would affect the postures of the other teeth. Therefore, implant can be placed or fixed anywhere.

Success Rates

Usually, implant replacement include no or very less risk of decay hence the success ratio is always high. And once it is functional, this can function for a life-time or for a long period. Also, it does not require much attention and can be treated like a normal tooth. And we have to ensure that we have to make sure that there are no gum diseases.


This is the best option available, as it has very less maintenance and the cost of the treatment is also very minimal and it is a good way to ensure that we take proper care of our teeth.