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Easy Ways To Keep Your Room Clean


Having an endless mess in your bedroom? Well then you need to pull up your socks and get ready to work to make sure your bedroom is not a pile of clutter. Having a clean and tidy room will affect mental health by making you feel peaceful and calm. A room filled with clutter will always make you feel uneasy. Hence here are a few simple tips for you to make sure your bedroom is somewhat a pleasant place to walk into after a tiring day of work.

1. Throw it or donate it

Out of the whole pile of stuff you have lying around, at least 50% of it is stuff you don’t need. A major weakness in man is that they never let go. Well, here’s a good chance to start. Whenever you sit down to sort out your pile of junk, you’d always keep stuff thinking you’d need them at some point in future. You need to stop it. Even if you did throw out or donate everything you don’t need this time, there’s a high chance you’ll get back to those bad habits in a few days. Try to minimize it.

2. Give everything a place

How hard could this be? Books and magazines go on the book shelves, clothes go in the dresser, jewellery goes in the vanity drawers and shoes go on the shoe racks. Everything needs to have a proper place, not pile up on your luxury mattress. If you haven’t been able to give everything a place, you are not done cleaning your room. Each item should be organized according to the frequency of use, where the most frequently used items should be within easy reach and other could go in drawers.

3. Replace after use

The most contributing factor to an untidy room could be this. You’d clean out your entire room but if you cannot replace whatever you took after use, you’d end up in the same pile of clutter in no time. Since you’ve already given each item a place, it’s not that hard to take two seconds to put them back where they belong. For example, go put your towel on the towel rack and not on your bed. You do not need your high quality luxury mattress to get all damp because of such bad habits.

4. Make up storage space

If you have stuff that you don’t need any sooner but you will need it in future, then store it. Check if you have some storage space in your home and put them away. It could be boxes filled with winter clothes, snow skis that you would need only during winter. Hence keep them away from your room and bring them in only when needed.